2020 New Stress Relief Magnetic Spinner Ring Fidget toy

2020 New Stress Relief Magnetic Spinner Ring Fidget toy

1. General Description:

  • [Relieve Stress]You are looking for an addiction-free way to calm yourself in stressful situations , you can CHOOSE our magnetic rings.Magic ring are magnetic free-style rings unlike any other fidget or stress relief gadget. 3 to 5 minute average spins greatly fit for fidgety hands,These anti-stress magnetic rings will calm you immediately.
  • [Magnetic Billiards & Easy To Use] - see what moves you can achieve without magnetizing your ring.The easiest game - Magnetic Hockey. Avoid the magnetic field as you send the ring back and forth! It is easy to operate and can play with one hand.
  • [Easy To Carry]Magnetic ring size: Outer ring 3.1 CM;Inner ring diameter 1.8CM;Easy to Operate with One Hand
  • [Relax and Increase Your Focus]Fidget sensorial toys grab your mind from wandering around anxiety-ridden thoughts, and keep it focused on one place; thus allowing you to redirect your mental sources wherever you need afterward; an ideal, calming companion for home, office, work, school, uni, travels, and much, much, more!
  • [Magic Props for Beginners] Floating magic ring can help your job easier on the magic show. No matter child, adult or someone who are interested in the magical tricks, all can be a magician and show your skill in front of family and friends. Just enjoy the magic of magic and the fun!
  • [Addition of Personal Charm]The mysterious power from magic always attracts people's attention, the art of how to deceive the human eye will help you become a shining star on the party, festival, every occasion. This will help others look at you with new eyes, improve your personality and it's cool!




1. This is the latest Stress relief toy, it is similar as the fidget spinner which is very popular for years.It is the latest choice for Stress relief and Magic show and Party gatherings.


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